Commercial Construction General Contractor

Subcontractor Requirements

Stoker Construction is an equal opportunity Commercial General Contractor, committed to working with people of all trades in a professional and respectful manner.

We take great pride in our chosen profession and recognize that our valued reputation is only as good as the vendors who are subcontracted to represent us.

We depend on our subcontractors to have respect for our projects by applying all OSHA required Safety precautionary measures, honoring State and International Building Codes, paying their vendors & suppliers for materials purchased on our projects, and taking pride in their workmanship.

Potential subcontractors must first provide proper current documentation to Stoker Construction as required by the state and local jurisdictions per project location. These documents include but are not limited to Business license, Contractor’s License, W-9, Commercial General Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance regardless of their company size or number of employees. All Tier Sub-Subcontractors hired by the Subcontractor and all Tier Sub-Sub-Subcontractors, etc. that work on a Stoker project must also carry the same Insurance requirements as the Subcontractor.

All Employees of subcontractors and tier contractors working under the subcontractor assigned to work on any Stoker Construction project must be able to pass a complete background check.

Subcontractors must have a lead supervisor on the project at all times who speaks fluent English, as well as the language(s) of their on-site employees.

Auxiliary Subcontractors (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, or any vendor that is required to pull their own permit) must call in their own inspections and have an approved company representative on site at the time of their inspection.

We achieve successful project completion together under a mutually agreed upon Standard form of Subcontract that is prepared by Stoker Construction. Our subcontracts are designed to be fair and professional to all parties involved in the overall project. We encourage all subcontractors to read it carefully and hire the assistance of an attorney if necessary to understand the language of the contract. Our subcontracts are formulated to enforce best practices of the construction industry by all trades so that our projects are built in accordance with the intent of the Owner and completed on time and within budget. All Subcontracts must be signed and returned to Stoker before any work begins on the any project regardless of the size and scope of the project.

All Subcontractors must provide a Waiver of Liens and Release of Rights upon any payment regardless of the size of the project or amount of the Contract.

Please contact us for more information on how you can become an approved Subcontractor for Stoker Construction.